Our Fleet

Our front loaders and professional drivers will make the difference on your project. We have been fulfilling the needs of contractors and home owners alike for over 5 years. Our front discharge trucks raise the bar on rear discharge by reaching farther and placing your concrete more accurately, reducing your time and effort.

Getting your concrete elevated or lowered for placement is easy using our state of the art conveyor truck. Our conveyer can reach up to 35 feet from the barrel and 30 feet out while still reaching 2nd story heights. We can also use the conveyor to deliver loads from our front discharge trucks when your project calls for more than one load. Whether you are filling block cores, hard to reach footers or floors, we can help you get your concrete on the spot.

Not sure of exactly how much concrete you will need or concerned about a slow installation, try one of our volumetric metered trucks. These unique trucks can mix your concrete fresh on site. This ability makes them ideal in situations where volume is difficult to calculate, to finish a barrel truck pour or, when travel time and heat become concerns.